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Business Advice

As one of Sydney’s established venture capital and corporate advisory firms, Energia Brands supports investments by providing a suite of advisory services, including business strategy, development, distribution, shareholder buy-outs and buy ins, acquisitions, divestments, investment and finance options, and company restructure.

Are you planning to sell your business?

Over the past 25 years, Energia’s principals have obtained extensive experience when it comes to the sale of companies. If you are looking to sell your business, Energia is able to assist with the process; this includes creating a preparation of sale document that presents your company in the best possible light, thereby maximising the outcome.


Business Investment

Energia Brands and its principals are experienced in providing and arranging angel funding, venture capital and private equity for small and medium sized companies. Energia can assist companies across a wide range of industries, and can provide and arrange financial support for start-ups, emerging companies and established organisations alike. Financial assistance ranges from $50,000 to more than $1.5 million depending on the business.


Energia can make venture capital available for your business

If you believe that your start-up or emerging company has high growth potential, Energia is able to ensure capital is available to facilitate this expansion. A form of private equity, venture capitalists provide more than funds alone; strategic advice and assistance forms a large part of this investment model.

If you have been searching for venture capital firms, Energia can provide you with the financial support and corporate advice required.


Property Development Finance

Energia Brands has extensive experience in arranging and providing finance for property development projects.Innovative solutions are often required in today’s market to enable projects to go ahead.

We can secure and structure deals in a way that often allows for higher gearing than is available from traditional bank lenders.


Get in touch today

Whether you require sound advice pertaining to the running of an existing business, or need to acquire an investor who can provide your start-up with financial support, Energia Brands can help. With a wealth of knowledge specific to the cosmetic and skincare industry, Energia is also able to deliver a range of services to assist companies working within this area.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Energia’s suite of corporate services, get in touch today to discuss your individual requirements. Call (02) 9960 7827 or fill out the online enquiry form on the next page Please Click Contact Us button.

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